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What is Agilino?

Professional and experienced software developers working in the fintech and e-health sectors. With years of programming expertise, agile project management, and user-centric design, we create added value for your applications and services. Cost efficiency without compromising quality.

We attain high standards by continuously upgrading our skills, keeping an eye on technological trends, and by consistently reviewing and adapting our approach to deliver the best customer experience.

Agilino is a professional software development company headquartered in Switzerland and Vietnam. Our adept programmers combine Swiss quality with Vietnamese determination and dedication to refine your local products. Experience the impact yourself.

About Us


We are collaborative, transparent, adaptable, innovative, hard-Working and fulfilling

Security and Standards

Thanks to confidentiality and data protection agreements, as well as project contracts, we safeguard your data and IP. High industry standards ensure seamless development for the future as well.

Attractive Cost Rates

Superior service thanks to our expertise and efficient workflows. This empowers us to swiftly bring new features to the market – all at affordable prices.

We are Your Ideal Partner

Timely Delivery. Thanks to regular planning and review, we meet our deadlines.

Our developers are experienced with your industry and technology. This saves you time and money.

With our focus on customers and quality, we achieve clear results and meet expectations.

Accurate scope-based estimates at affordable rates – without compromising on quality.


Not only in Switzerland does the financial sector play an important role. Our team has worked together for over 2 years in Java and Spring for Swiss private banks and the mortgage credit industry. We are happy to share our knowledge in this domain when implementing products for the fintech market in other countries too.


Familiarity with Know Your Client (KYC) interfaces as well as Swiss systems like Avaloq and Finnova will help us master your software and swiftly introduce robust and clean code that will delight users.

Proactive security gap management will help prevent harm and allow project managers to sleep soundly.

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As a developer, I have implemented online services for clinics, medical practices, and laboratories in Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to medical protocols like HL7 and xDT, interfaces to external systems play a significant role.

In large projects, versioning and compatibility with previous releases, microservices, REST, GraphQL, and real-time communication using Kafka are essential. As enterprise developers, we have our craft under control.


The Swiss and global education system is undergoing a transformation, not least because of generative AI. A Zurich-based startup entrusted us with developing an educational platform for schools and universities over the course of one year..

Early Feedback

Effective release automation enables quick testing of new features with engaged educational institutions, contributing to the continuous enhancement of the offering. Strong test coverage provides confidence for new updates.

Key Benefits at a Glance

Secure Data

By staying updated on security and industry standards, we ensure your valuable resources and data receive a high level of confidentiality and protection.

Solid Partnership

We fulfill the commitments made to our clients. Thanks to established processes, we improve our work continuously and meet deadlines.

Effective work

With an agile method, Agilino can shorten the time-to-market, ensuring faster market validation for your product, and help to save costs while enhancing business value.

Quality Developers

We are experienced developers with high responsibility, curiosity, tech passion, and a continuous drive to stay up to date with our craft.

Fixed budget

Thanks to good planing we offer you a set price. This ensures transparency and allows to manage your budget effectively without worrying about price changes later on.

01 Software Solutions

About our service


02 Our Outsourcing Team

Why are we working faster, cheaper and more effective?

  • We have experience with your industry and the tools, which saves costly onboarding.
  • We’ve been working as a well-coordinated team for 5 years, ensuring that every task is executed flawlessly.
  • We’ve also been part of both large and small projects for the Swiss market for 5 years.
  • With the Scrum process, we regularly reflect on our work, assess, and adapt. This makes us more effective in what we do week after week.
  • We continuously educate ourselves, apply best practices, and adhere to the latest industry standards to ensure that your product…

What are our advantages?

  • Thanks to our experience, you can build on products we’ve developed and successfully brought to market.
  • Through continuous training and improvement, our insights flow into your product as added value.
  • A user-centered approach in all development processes prevents unnecessary efforts.

We are based in Vietnam and Switzerland

Software development in Switzerland but also other European and western countries is expensive but crucial. With developers at the local market and a team from Vietnam that has been working on Swiss projects for 5 years, we strike the perfect balance between Swiss reliability and pragmatism and Vietnamese diligence with a deep understanding of software user culture and workflow.

Why do you need our outsourcing team?

  1. We are your extended workbench, delivering the trusted Swiss quality you’re accustomed to. We think along with you, ensuring that our work adds higher business value.
  2. We are more cost-effective than other developers in Switzerland, Germany, and even other nearshoring destinations.
  3. We have already implemented similar apps and SaaS solutions in your industry. We’re more than willing to bring this domain knowledge to your project.
  4. With consistent quality and pricing, we ensure that the scope aligns with your expectations in a well-targeted planning process, week by week, month by month.
  5. Time savings through test-driven development and release automation get features to your customers quickly, allowing for market validation.
  6. Focus on your business: While you could potentially design the solution with your team, save time by testing your products in the market earlier with us as an extended workbench, allowing you to focus more on users and business, and make important adjustments sooner.
  7. Scalability: While we function as a team, you can also book individual developers with us and add more programmers later if needed.
  8. Quality assurance: Our team specializes in delivering high-quality results. We adhere to established procedures, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement to ensure your satisfaction.

Programming Languages and Innovative Tools

Navigating the World of Technology

User Centered Design

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Essential Modelling
  • Prototyping
  • Speak aloud method


  • Type Script
  • Angular
  • Java Script
  • React


  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Flyway, JPA, Hibernate
  • C#
  • .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET


  • Ansible
  • Docker, Docker Compose
  • Github Workflows
  • Jenkins and Groovy
  • AWS cloud services
  • Azure cloud services


  • Google Flutter


  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Little design upfront

Case Studies

Agilino has successful projects in areas such as FinTech, EduTech and HealthTech

Fintech: Client Onboarding Private Banking

Project: Customer onboarding for private banking and mortgage product selection was in 2017 an innovative process to digitize processes for private banks and finical institutions and speed up account creation. It provided a new use case of automation within the realm of fintech. Spanning a duration of five years, this endeavor helped to redefine how […]

Education platform teacher view
Edutech Platform for Schools

We have been developing, pair-programming and coordinating tasks to achieve a cloud infrastructure for our am online education platform.

Dashboard for surgeon operation quality rating

A corporation with the Small Animal Clinic, School of Veterinary Medicine at the Freie Universität for a tool that helps surgeons rate and improve their surgeries.

Discover the power of our team

Adam Furmańczuk

I work as a Business Software Architect and have 12 years of experience in professional software development. I have been living in Switzerland since 2017 and I am the owner of the Agilino company.

Adam is typing - profile picture

I discuss with you and managing the team extension and your software development needs.
In more than 12 years I worked for different software companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I have worked together with Swiss and Vietnamese developers for 2.5 years on a Fintech and one year for a Swiss Edutech Startup. Before we meet in person, here are some short facts about me.

  • Requirement Engineering: Define User Stories and interview end users about product
  • Technology: Webservices in Java, Python, Dart and the cloud. Business and coding are my passion.
  • Project Management: Leading and empowering devs to deliver with quality and on time
  • Networking: With tech leaders, startup founders and business enthusiasts.
  • Industries: Deep understanding in healthcare, fintech, edutech and public services.
  • Security and Data Privacy: Security is baked in the development process. GDPR compliant.
  • Sole proprietorship: Successfully operating as a Switzerland-based company for over 2 years.

Lastest company news

In this post, we delve into the Swiss Software Industry Survey (SSIS) 2022 and explore the trends it reveals for software development in Switzerland.